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finishing services

We at Sitc Qatar provide professional finishing services. Our team is specialized and skilled in executing and managing finishing projects in a professional manner in accordance with high quality standards.

We carry out all types of interior and exterior finishing works, including painting, flooring, bleaching, plastering, plastering, furniture installation, electrical and plumbing installations, and adding any other finishing touches that suit your needs.

inşaat işçileri

Painting works

We provide interior and exterior painting services using the latest technologies and the best materials to ensure outstanding results. We also offer a variety of color and finish options to meet all customer needs.

Ev İnşaat

 Gypsum and decoration works

We specialize in implementing gypsum works in different styles and designs, such as insulating walls, gypsum artifacts, and other gypsum decorative works. We also provide interior decoration services to suit customers’ tastes and requirements.

Ana giriş

Supply and Installation of windows and doors:

We provide installation and implementation services for windows and doors of various materials and designs, including aluminum, wood, and glass. We guarantee that the products are installed accurately and professionally to provide safety and thermal and acoustic insulation for buildings.

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Flooring implementation

We provide implementation and installation services for various types of flooring, including tiles, marble, wood, vinyl, and ceramic. We work with a variety of designs and styles to ensure the flooring suits our customers' tastes and meets their requirements.

Zemin Yenileme

Electrical and sanitary installation works

We provide services for implementing and extending electrical and sanitary installations with the highest levels of quality in accordance with industrial standards. We are keen to provide electrical and plumbing solutions that are appropriate for the location and meet the customer’s needs.

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Insulation works

Our company supplies and implements all types of insulation for buildings, establishments, and homes in the private and public sectors, including water insulation, thermal insulation, and sound insulation, where our company team pours all its high expertise in order to obtain a high-quality insulation rate. The company always seeks to ensure the greatest possible comfort and luxury for your home or workplace


​We are proud to offer you these professional services in the field of finishing works. Our professional and qualified team is at your disposal to meet all your needs and ensure your complete satisfaction. We work efficiently and accurately to implement projects on time and on budget.

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